Washable Antibacterial Mask

Due to the material characteristics of the fabric, it keeps the mask cool and not stuffed. Also comfortable when exercising.

Made in KOREA

Double rust removal showerhead

Filter Shower Head High Pressure Chlorine Fluorine Removal Showerhead Handheld Heavy Metal Reduce Odor Free Hard Water Purifying Shower Water Filteration for Skin Protection Hair Loss Prevention

Made in KOREA

Kitten In The Sox

It is Korea's high-quality socks that have been officially produced with KC certification for the movie's main character, cartoon character, and famous character. Here are some good items for gifts.

Made in KOREA

  • Double rust removal showerhead

  • Kitchen water filter

  • Wash Basin Sediment Filter

  • Character Socks, Essential socks

  • Socks for Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift

  • Goodie Gift...

  • Business Card(Paper, Hologram, Braille.....)

  • Sticker(PaperTransparent Sticker, Metallic Silver Peel Off Sticker, Magnetic......)

  • Tested and certified by THINKWARE

  • One-year warranty provided

  • All original accessories included

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